15th Annual Optimising
Clinical Trials Summit:

Site Selection, Feasibility & Patient Recruitment

13 - 14 October 2021 | London

Without any warning, the pandemic has turned the world of clinical trials and clinical operations on its head. The result is more than clear: re-evaluate how to manage this field more effectively with a significant impact on patients’ monitoring and data collection. We can see the huge change in study planning and necessity for adoption of new technologies with decentralised trials in the foreground. Let us reveal the details and what is beyond of current studies in order to bring the new therapies on the market and support the patients in the most effective way.

Hot topics that will be discussed at this annual

  • Perspectives on how global pandemic impacted the clinical research field
  • Technologies and AI-enabled solutions in clinical trial feasibility and site selection
  • What is the clinical trial’s greatest enemy?
  • Shifts in clinical trial transparency regulations and expectations for the future?
  • How to use decentralised trials for study design optimisation?
  • Barriers to pharma companies’ R&D efforts
  • How the pharma industry’s use of trials has changed since the pandemic hit?
  • Current clinical data concepts and views
  • What are the needs during the drug development?



Chief Patient Officer, R&D


Incorporating Patients’ Views on Clinical Research: From Theory to Practice

Incorporation of patients’ views in the design of clinical research is evolving from a theoretical concept to a common practice across clinical research organisations. This new process requires adaptation and development of new abilities as well as incorporation of best practices. The presentation will cover practical examples and challenges from PE experience.

• Patient engagement in clinical research a new reality in clinical research
• Patient engagement requires adaptation and development of new abilities
Publication of PE activities could help to align positions and share best practices and experience

Karl-Ludwig RADEK

Ass. Director Global Clinical Operations


New Clinical Trial Formats – Opportunities & Challenges

New clinical trial formats are emerging. The global COVID-19 pandemic forced the clinical trial environment to think differently and to use remote or digital technologies to ensure trial continuation. While opportunities for new clinical trial formats are obvious, there are also challenges. Decentralised clinical trials are a revolution to the trial ecosystem, that has not changed for decades.


Head of Safety Science


Understanding Patients: Needs During Drug Development – The Patient Safety Perspective

The trust of the patient into the physician is the key factor for subscribing a new drug or a therapy and afterwards adherence to treatment. Here the efficacy of the new drug is as important as the new safety profile. Sometimes Safety is even more important than Efficacy. Patient engagement for patient safety works, when it is done already during the early stages of development and insights for patient safety are generated during clinical trials. It is a drug development problem.

• Insights for patient safety
• Patient related outcomes
• Patient engagement

Nadia LIM

Director, Site Intelligence


Building and Implementing Data-Driven Site Selection Approaches

The COVID-19 pandemic and the focus on diversity created new challenges for organisations further reinforcing the need to be agile and adapt to change. When it comes to data-driven site selection, this means the ability to quickly integrate new data sets and layered intelligence to drive site selection. In this presentation, we will show how we adapted to incorporate new data points including site interactions, and local insights into our site selection models.


Global Head for Clinical Innovation


Wearables in Clinical Trials: Friends or Foes?

As much as smartwatches, activity trackers and other 'wearables' to monitor health and wellbeing are used on a daily basis by millions around the world, the use of their connected devices in clinical trials remains limited. Let us take a close look and discuss use cases, prerequisites, risks and benefits – both from a scientific and an operational perspective.

• Patient and site perspective on wearables
• How to secure investigator oversight over collected data
• What do the data really tell us?
• Which use cases to pursue with wearables in clinical trials?

Overall very professional event with a very diverse set of presentations, all relevant to the key issues faced by pharma companies today

Lead Protocol Review and Challenge at Boehringer Ingelheim

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